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 Tema :Exciting Changes Deserve Gamers Waiting for FIFA 17.. 2016-08-02 07:01:39 
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The release date for FIFA 17 is finally out — and gamers and football fans Alike are 'over the moon'. Besides buying u4fifa fifa coins, you can save more money and get professional service.

EA's newest annual football game, FIFA 17, has been confirmed for release September 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

So why all the excitement? There are four major updates that have gamers pacing for the release.

An element of surprise. In addition to staples such as Ultimate Team, EA Canada is introducing a second type of career mode called The Journey.Story mode.

In it you play as an upcoming Premier League prospect Alex Hunter who is going to start his career in any of the 20 English Premier League clubs at the outset.

But it's as much about what happens off the pitch as on it.

Among the games, there are scenes from Alex's childhood and later life along with rival and friend Gareth Walker.

Alex's moves and utterances are chosen by the player at key-decision-making points and all have a profound effect on the match plot.

It'll run on Battlefield 1's Frostbite engine, rather than FIFA 16's Ignite equivalent.New Frostbite game engine

Running on the Star Wars Battlefront Frostbite engine is a huge step forward for FIFA 17's graphics — but it's how it plays that will define its ultimate success.

Penalties and set pieces. Electronic Arts have completely overhauled the set piece system for FIFA 17, allowing players to better control the power and direction of every run up to a set piece.Better control

You decide from what angle and how quickly your player will take the set piece.

In FIFA 16, teammates, regardless of their position, tended to run in straight lines, with little true bending of runs or attacking space, and that's been fixed.

Details of FIFA 17's most popular mode are scarce.Ultimate Team card design gets an overhaul

Fans asked for the ability to change the position of players within the mode — there's no word yet from EA as to whether this may be forthcoming.

But we do know Ultimate Team card designs have changed, thanks to Crystal Palace players leaking a dummy image of Wilfried Zaha while on a tour of developer EA Canada.

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